• Citroen Dyane AYA2 - August 1969




    Dyane AYA2


    2zyl boxer 435cc, 19kw/26PS Benzin


    46.850 km


    August 1969


    Exterieur Blanc Cygne, Interieur Stoff Ocre, Soft top Blanc



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    Zubehör und Beschreibung

    Outstanding and early Dyane originally deliverd in The Netherlands with the original registration number 55-67-JS. For years this Dyane was part of a famous Citroen collection. Perfectly and professionally restored with an eye for detail and no expenses spared. Original chassis, new bodywork, revised technique. This new condition Dyane is in a higher price range, but is definately worth its price which is far below restoration costs. The Dyane is a remarquable design from Louis Bionier, the head designer from Panhard, the company which was acquired by Citroen at the time. This early model still has the beautiful closed C style.

    A true collectors item and a unique chance for those who know what a restoration like this is worth, who appreciates a perfect Dyane and who want to distinguish himself from a 2CV.

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