• Mercedes 220SE W111 - April 1965




    220SE W111


    6zyl V8 2195cc, 88kw/120PS Benzin


    133.384 km


    April 1965


    dunkelgrün 268



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    Zubehör und Beschreibung

    Unrestored, original Mercedes 220SE “Große Heckflosse” from the lastest production year with the great 6 cylinder injection engine. Since 1979 in possession of the second southern French owner, original mileage can be proven. With the exception of the left rear fender, the original factory paint looks great by its originality and its patina. Original and very well maintained interior with almost no wear. Certainly one of the few original, rust free copies that are currently offered with great handling, very good chrome parts, without body schutz, perfect soil, fine motor and trunk.

    All technical components are recently fully serviced, partially renovated and/or overhauled. Recently all rubbers from front, rear, and drive shaft and the engine mount rubbers were replaced, new tires with the correct size (not the photos), gearbox sealed.Unique in its original pristine condition, especially for lovers of original not restored cars which are becoming increasingly rare. The folder with the original instruction booklet, service and dealer book, a few invoices and inspection certificates are available.

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