• Mercedes 230 W115 Automatik - Februar 1974




    230 W115 Automatik


    4zyl V8 2307cc, 81kw/110PS Benzin, Automatikgetriebe


    135.021 km


    Februar 1974


    Exterieur 131 Pastellweiss, Interieur MB-Tex/fabric blue



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    Zubehör und Beschreibung

    A 230 automatic delivered when new in Perugia Italy in a rare untouched state. Extraordinary, exceptional state of body and chassis with all original features and coatings. Rust and damage free, minimal wear. Beautiful factory paintwork, except for a portion of the right side. Original interior and carpets in virtually unused condition. Equipped with tinted glass all around, automatic transmission and a Blaupunkt radio with built-in speakers in the door panels.

    The folder containing the original books including the partially stamped service book is present. Technically in perfect condition, recently had a major maintainance and many parts were replaced and rebuilt, detailed invoice is present. The “Strich 8” (W114-W115) known weak points are in excellent condition, rust free and original and to be seen in the picture gallery.

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