• Renault Estafette Fourgon R3137 - December 1974




    Estafette Fourgon R3137


    4cyl 1289cc, 40kw/54hp gasoline, manual transmission 4 speed


    6.553 km


    December 1974


    exterior 423 Blue-Saviem, interior Black imitation leather


    € 28.500,00

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    Accessories and comments

    The high price suggests that this must be a very special example, and this is correct.

    Estafette Fourgon of first owner, completely in the first paint and with an original mileage of only 6.553. Delivered by Ets. Ricoux Garage Du Center at Clermont-ferrand (F), minimally used, never seen any rain and stored under protection for years. Discovered in a former for sale garage building.

    Still provided with the factory-fitted tires that testify to the low mileage. Technically made “ready to drive” in France, perfectly functioning.

    Rarer than his former competitors like the Volkswagen Transport, Peugeot J5 and the Ford transit. Unique because of its almost new condition, incomparable, irreplaceable example.

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