• BMW 2002 Turbo - August 1974




    2002 Turbo


    4cyl 1990cc, 125kw/170hp , manual transmission 5 speed


    123.128 km


    August 1974


    exterior Chamonix, interior leather imitation black



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    Accessories and comments

    The Porsche killer of earlier, developed by BMW Motorsport and one of the first production Turbos. This specimen, in Sardinia delivered new, absolutely unique in its original, pristine condition. Rust free and damage free, never restored sensational body condition. The cleaned bottom and fenders, inside trunk and engine compartment, inside of doors, A and B styles, engine and trunk lid and roof are in the factory paint. Even the sills are the original coating and paint. Rare also by the presence of the original maintenance manual, when delivered stamped by the dealer from whom the advertising sticker on the back window is present. Beautiful original interior, periodic Blaupunkt radio with speaker in the center console and roof antenna. One of 1672 produced, optionally equipped with the manual 5-speed gearbox, limited slip differential and 5 alloy wheels.

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