• Fiat 127 900L - December 1980




    127 900L


    4cyl 903cc, 34kw/45hp gasoline, manual transmission 4 speed


    87 km


    December 1980


    exterior 374 Verde Brillante, interior Beige fabric



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    Accessories and comments

    A new Fiat 127 with only 87 kilometers with a known history which has already been explained in several leading European classic car magazines. Fiat dealer Jens Sorensen was forced in 1980 by the Danish Fiat importer to make a though decision: he had to choose between selling Fiat passenger cars or Iveco trucks. It was quickly decided to remain an Iveco dealer. The stock (a sloppy 400 cars) of new and used cars were not sold at a discount, remained stiff-headed in the showroom.

    This 127 is one of the new cars sold by son Jens, is visible, and proven by the present warranty certificate, treated with tectyl from new on and has been used only 87 kilometers until today.

    Recently bought from a former Dutch Fiat dealer, one-off condition with a unique, unimaginable story.

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