• Mercedes 280 SL W113 Automatic - January 1969




    280 SL W113 Automatic


    , kw/hp gasoline, manual transmission


    85.594 km


    January 1969





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    Accessories and comments

    Very cool and healthy unrestored 280 SL Pagode from California with excellent technique. It is certainly not a restoration project. Ready for everyday use, but poor paintwork. First paint on left front and left rear screen, never been welded or damaged. The interior is original and in very good condition, as is the original softtop.

    The new coating must be done to perfect the car. Under the hood and fenders, this pagoda in perfect original condition. No painting or restoring is necessary under the hood, the fenders as on the inside of the door frames. The bottom is entirely original inside and under, not welded and only equipped with the original bottom layer.

    We offer this car for only a short time in this state. If he stays unsold we will let this pagoda strip and repaint. We will convert the car completely to the European model. That means no sidelights or headlights on the bumpers. The grill and bumpers will be in chrome and the seats refilled. The new price will be listed immediately after this work. Power steering, tinted glass.

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