• Mercedes 450SEL W116 - August 1973




    450SEL W116


    8cyl 4489cc, 165kw/225hp gasoline, automatic transmission


    95.035 km


    August 1973


    exterior 462 Tunisbeige Metallic, interior real leather 267 Bambus



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    Accessories and comments

    A beautiful Mercedes 450SEL in a stunning color scheme from the first American owner Mr. Tanner with a converted original mileage of only 95.035Km. An absolutely rust- and accident-free example which we recently, due to cracked clear paint, newly repainted on the outside only. Purchased from the son of the first 99-year-old owner for, at first sight, an attractive price, in hindsight a big mistake. The Californian climate had not only affected the paint but also all rubbers and hoses which were completely dried out. We have invested more than € 17.000,– in technical expect alone. Engine, gearbox, front and rear axle were removed, all worn parts replaced, engine newly sealed and fitted with new timing chains. Radiator, air-conditioning pump, condenser are just a few of the parts that were renewed. The chassis and undercarriage were easily cleaned and are, as well as the engine- and luggage compartment, in perfect rust-free condition.

    By Mr. and Mrs. Tanner personally collected as a tourist delivery in the Mercedes-Benz Werk Sindelfingen (D) in mid-August 1973. A tour through Europe was made, countries such as Austria, Italy, Greece, Switzerland, France and finally Belgium were visited. As the original present documents show, the S-Class was shipped from the port of Antwerp to New Orleans on October 22, 1973. Mr. Tanner, who owned a garage in New Port Beach for over 50 years, maintained the S-Class on time.

    In addition to the technical- and paintwork, we have equipped the SEL with brand new, original European bumpers and headlights. Door handles, moldings all around, exterior mirror, shaft moldings all around, grill, moldings and lock holder above the rear lights have also been replaced by new old stock Mercedes parts. The Fuchs alloy wheels are fitted with new Dunlop Classic tires in size 205/70X14. The genuine leather interior was provided with new fillings and repaired where necessary. Carpets, door panels, dashboard and headliner are very nice and original.

    The binder with all the booklets belonging to the car, the Data Karte, the original German export number plates and the original purchase invoice are present along with some other papers. Connoisseurs will understand without further explanation that the total investments added to the purchase price exceed the asking price. We have fully photographed the work carried out.

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