• Porsche 912 Coupe Karmann - April 1967




    912 Coupe Karmann


    4cyl boxer 1582cc, 66kw/90hp gasoline, manual transmission 5 speed


    75.186 km


    April 1967


    exterior 6605 Bahamagelb, interior artificial leather black



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    Accessories and comments

    An A series Porsche 912 Karmann Coupe in admirable, original and most untouched condition. Produced by “Karmann Werke” with the short wheelbase and narrow elegant body. Totally, 100%, in the factory paint with charming patina, beautiful leatherette interior with first carpets. Excellent rust free state of body and attachments, bottom without damage to the factory coating.

    Equipped with the optional Porsche wooden steering wheel, 5 speed, Blaupunkt radio with mechanical antenna. Delivered new in California, map with all original booklets and toolset present. A major serive and replacing the original rubbers can be carried out by us on request, after consultation. An irreplaceable, unrestored car for the purists, for lovers of original classics with knowledge and appreciation of originality.

    Our classics can always be seen in our showroom by appointment. Click here for our contact details.

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