• Volvo 121 Amazon B18 - Juli 1962




    121 Amazon B18


    4zyl 1778cc, 55kw/75PS Benzin 4-Gang-Handschaltgetriebe


    152.594 km


    Juli 1962


    Exterieur 73 Mist green, Interieur 404-192 Light brown with gray/white in middle



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    Zubehör und Beschreibung

    Volvo Amazon 121 B18 model year 1961 newly delivered to Stig Annerstedt Nilson on July 17, 1962 in Ystad, Sweden. Rarely seen, completely documented history, from the 3rd. Swedish owner. Photos 268 to 299 from our photo album give an impression of the documents that are present. The mileage of 152.594Km is fully demonstrable due to the presence of almost all inspection certifications and countless maintenance invoices.

    Beautiful, original color scheme, in 2017 by Fa. Professional Ubilack in Malmö, newly painted on the outside. Interior including carpets and headliner are replaced true to original. Several times, according to the available invoices, anti-rust protected at least 13 times, the explanation for the stainless and rust-free condition of the body. Indestructible technology, punctually maintained and perfectly functioning.

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