• Citroen CX IE Break Automatic - Februar 1984




    CX IE Break Automatic


    4zyl 2332cc, 94kw/128PS Benzin, Automatikgetriebe


    80.130 km


    Februar 1984


    Exterieur GKF Rouge du Garage, Interieur Stoff Beige



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    Zubehör und Beschreibung

    Very rare CX Break with Automatic transmission from the first German owner. Magnificent, untouched condition of the body and chassis, partially due to a tectyl treatment in a rust-free condition. Accident free, only the driver’s door has once been replaced because of a minor parking damage. Newly delivered by Citroen dealer Lamertz in Frankfurt to Herr Clement which signed out the car every winter punctually. Since 2005 deregistered and garage parked, in 2015 the car has gotten a major technical overhaul and now it’s perfectly functioning.

    The beige interior shows itself in wonderful, nearly unused condition. Even the luggage compartment barely shows signs of use, completely undamaged and unique. Most parts still in original paint, hardly no scratches or damages can be found.

    In today’s market a rare Break version with low mileage and known history. As soon as we have cleaned the car our complete photo documentation will follow.

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