• Mercedes 220 b W111 “Heckflosse” - März 1965




    220 b W111 “Heckflosse”


    6zyl 2195cc, 70kw/95PS Benzin 4-Gang-Handschaltgetriebe


    22.266 km


    März 1965


    Exterieur 158 Weissgrau, Interieur Kunst Leder Braun



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    Zubehör und Beschreibung

    On March 23, 1965 by Mercedes Concessionaire Exclusif, Les Fils de J.M. Hubert in Metz newly delivered 220b “Heckflosse” in an almost unimaginable condition. Until 2004 in the possession of the first owner, a doctor from Metz in the north of France, imported to the Netherlands in the same year and since then being part of a Mercedes collection.

    The for the most part original factory paintwork shows almost no traces of use or damage, perfect MB-tex interior with cool sky and undamaged dashboard.
    The odometer reading of only 22,633 has been confirmed by the 2nd owner as absolutely original. The body and chassis reflects this image and both are absolutely rust-free with still many factory markings and stickers. The beautiful condition of the engine and luggage  compartment with unused spare wheel and all chrome parts are exceptional.
    Irreplaceable, original example.

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