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Here you can find a small selection from our classic cars for sale. To see our complete collection you can click on the brand logos above.

Volvo 245 Turbo Estate, Year May 1985, Mileage 72.170km

Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV 2.0 Turbdelta, Year May 1980, Mileage 43.367 km

Saab 900 T16 Turbo Cabriolet, Year September 1987, Mileage 102.959km

Peugeot 504 GL Break, Year May 1974, Mileage 61.215 km

Peugeot 404 Super Luxe, Year June 1964, Mileage 70.496 km

Renault A310 V6, Year April 1984, Mileage 56.736km

BMW 318i Cabriolet E-30, Year December 1992, Mileage 74.434 km

Fiat Panda 4X4, Year February 2003, Mileage 82.417km

Volvo 240 Estate Polar 2.0i, Year January 1992, Mileage 68.244km