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Here you can find a small selection from our classic cars for sale. To see our complete collection you can click on the brand logos above.

Citroen CX2200, Year April 1975, Mileage 49.599 km

BMW 525e E-28, Year April 1986, Mileage 32.447 km

Fiat 127 900L, Year December 1980, Mileage 87km

BMW 525 E-12, Year May 1977, Mileage 42.680 km

Mercedes 200 W115, Year September 1969, Mileage 159.188 km

Peugeot 504 Pininfarina Coupe Injection, Year October 1969, Mileage 46.442 km

Fiat 1200 Pininfarina Cabriolet, Year December 1959, Mileage 31.658mile

Mercedes 180b W120 “Ponton”, Year March 1960, Mileage 60.446 km

BMW 323i E-21, Year June 1981, Mileage 54.459 km