• opel Kapitän A 2.6 “Montage Suisse” - May 1964




    Kapitän A 2.6 “Montage Suisse”


    6cyl 2586cc, 74kw/100hp gasoline, manual transmission 4 speed


    75.099 km


    May 1964


    exterior X-X Lapisblau, interior 41.1 Kunstlederpolster Blau



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    Accessories and comments

    One of only 840 Opel Kapitän assembled at General Motors Biel, Switzerland. Purchased from a former editor of a leading German classic car magazine who researched and docuemented the history and owners of this special Opel. The last owner in 2012 invested a lot in maintaining the limousine, let the firm TimeMAX carry out a thorough clean-up of bottom and chassis: ice blasting, coating and lubrication at critical places and protecting. Beautiful body, photo-documented proceedings (over 300), unwelded chassis and bottom with all visible original welds. Pristine condition of the door linings, trunk and engine compartment, which are still in factory paint. A rare car for enthousiats, unique sale, exceptional original condition and history.

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