• Alfa Romeo 90 2.5 IE V6 Quadrifoglio Oro - May 1986


    Alfa Romeo


    90 2.5 IE V6 Quadrifoglio Oro


    6cyl 2500cc, 113kw/156hp gasoline, manual transmission 5 speed


    74.750 km


    May 1986


    exterior Champagne Mettallizzato, interior Velluto Blu



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    Accessories and comments

    The Alfa Romeo 90 is a very rare appearance and is a true wolf in sheep’s clothing. This 90 comes directly from the first French owner, a garage owner, who was extremely careful with his car. He was maintaining the car himself and replaced various parts with higher quality versions. All maintenance was very securely recorded in a log, all original books and documents are present. The condition is immaculate and the car still bears many original stickers.

    The 90 is completely in perfect first paint which makes it still shine thanks to the metallic paint. The original alloy wheels are in ultimate condition, the alloy spare wheel is still unused. The car features a unique LED light dashboard that was only temporarily available on the QO. A stylish touring car with a great engine and gearbox with long transmissions, striking angular Bertone design with many nice details.

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