• Alfa Romeo Giulia 1300 Super - April 1971


    Alfa Romeo


    Giulia 1300 Super


    4cyl 1290cc, 65kw/89hp gasoline, manual transmission 5 speed


    66.396 km


    April 1971


    exterior 327 Bluette, interior imitation leather bordeaux



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    Accessories and comments

    First, Italian, owner, untouched Giulia 1300 Super with magnificent color combination. Unique, original condition of the complete body, the many, for this series known critical and negative points, very detailed shown in our photo presentation, are in exceptional condition. All spot welds present, never restored. Newly delivered at 29-04-1971 to the first and only owner Senior Bondi by the official Alfa Romeo dealer Maurizio Dompe, Ancona Italy.

    Magnificent untouched leather interior, perfect rubber floor carpets and undamaged dashboard. Because of the long period of storage, considerably and large invest in the technics: engine, brake and cooling system overhauled, front- and rear suspensionprovided with new rubbers, replaced exhaust.

    An almost irreplaceable original example, at least 75% in the factory paint, with perfectly functioning technics.

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