• Alfa Romeo Giulia 1300 Super - October 1971


    Alfa Romeo


    Giulia 1300 Super


    4cyl 1290cc, 65kw/89hp gasoline, manual transmission 5 speed


    1.671 km


    October 1971


    exterior 013 Biancospino, interior grey fabric



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    Accessories and comments

    Unimaginable, impossible, unbelievable, that is how many will understandably react (again), but our loyal customers and followers know that we are always able to find and buy brand new classics, albeit from various brands. Also this one again, an almost new, Alfa-Romeo Giulia 1300 Super with real 1.672 Kilometers. Newly delivered by Consessionaria Alfa Romeo Pacifici & Salvati from Tivoli near Rome.

    Complete, without exception in the factory paint, still with the original plastic on the back seat, without paint or interior damage. Unused spare wheel, tool bag still in the plastic, the instruction booklet, a service card dating from August 1992 with the mileage of 824Km and the never on the windshield applied original driving in instruction sticker, as well as a copy of the original Libretto. Technically fully prepared in Italy, perfectly driving.

    An irreplaceable collector’s item, possibly the most expensive Giulia 1300 Super to date.

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