• Ford Taunus 1300 XL Coupe - June 1972




    Taunus 1300 XL Coupe


    4cyl 1295cc, 43kw/59hp gasoline, manual transmission 4 speed


    26.689 km


    June 1972


    exterior B Weiss, interior A2 fabric black



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    Accessories and comments

    Italian newly-delivered Ford Taunus 1300 XL Coupe in unique, one-time original condition, manufactured in the Ford Werk Köln. Complete without exception, in original factory paint without any significant traces of usage, impeccable condition of the, always by seat covers protected, interior.

    Xtra Luxe version with the typical imitation wood applications in the interior and the remarkable exterior chrome details. Elegant because of its simplicity due to the color combination, the design and the typical for the Italian market white front turn signals.

    Absolutely stainless in all corners and sides, traces of the newly applied tectyl treatment clearly visible.

    Incomparable, irreplaceable never restored example for the true enthusiast and/or collector with appreciation for the quality.

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