• Mercedes 230 W123 - October 1976




    230 W123


    4cyl 2277cc, 80kw/109hp gasoline, manual transmission 4 speed


    96.688 km


    October 1976


    exterior 406 Cayenneorange, interior 004 fabric Bambus



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    Accessories and comments

    A beautiful Mercedes 230 W123 from the first production year which was newly delivered on October 8, 1976 by Autohaus Lorinser in Waiblingen, Germany. As the present original “Auftragsbestätigung” shows, ordered on August 30, 1975 by the first owner, the in 1914 born Herr Kaldi from Winnenden. On June 25, 2004, until then still in the name of Herr Kaldi, the 230 was deregistered and stored for 3 years. In 2007, the admission in the Netherlands followed, where we purchased the car from the 3rd. owner.

    Unique and very appropriate 70’s color combination. The interior with typical features of the early production models can be called immaculate. Both sides of the paintwork where repainted in the past, unacceptable or high paint thickness can’t be found on any body part. The undercarriage and chassis perfectly reflect the unique, rust-free condition of this example. Among the luggage compartment pictures we are showing the condition of the inner rear wheel arches, they leave nothing to be desired.

    Beautifully documented history starting with the original sales agreement, going through the stamped service book and ending with a maintenance invoice from last year. Of course, the binder with all booklets including the multi-stamped maintenance book, various German and Dutch inspection certificates, and a number of maintenance invoices are also present. Just fitted with 4 new Michelin XAS tires in the correct size 175SR14.

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