• Mercedes 280SL R107 - June 1979




    280SL R107


    6cyl 2717cc, 136kw/185hp gasoline, manual transmission 4 speed


    138.097 km


    June 1979


    exterior 906 Graublau-Metallic, interior 102 MB-Tex Blau



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    Accessories and comments

    This 1979 Mercedes 280SL comes directly from the first German owner Herr. Sandermann from Overath and is in a stunning and well-maintained condition. Spared from winter use, completely the factory paint without significant signs of wear or damage. The indestructible MB-Tex artificial leather interior including the dashboard and the wood applications can be called perfect. Equipped with a dark blue soft-top of which the plastic windows are replaced. Anti-rust protected from new on. The combination of the rust-protection, which was repeated when the car was 2-years old, and not ebing used in winter times are the explanation for the perfect condition of the body, chassis, undercarriage, and all technical attachments. New Michelin Classic tires in size 205/70X14 has just been fitted.

    SL- Sport Leicht was apparently taken very literally by Herr. Sandermann, options that would increase the total weight were not ordered, only Metallic paint was checked in the option list, and a fire extinguisher was apparently essential. Even the Coupé roof, as the present invoice shows, was just ordered in January 1981 at the Mercedes-Benz dealer for DM. 3.340,–. After the sum of DM. 38.741,92 (according to the present sales agreement) was paid in cash Herr. Sandermann collected the SL on 30 May 1979 in person at the Mercedes factory in Sindelfingen.  As the partly stamped maintenance book and various maintenance invoices show, dealer maintained again and again. The original purchase agreement, the original sales invoice, both Data-Karten, various TÜV reports, some sheets with handwritten notes showing dates and mileage of maintenance, as well as some other documents are also part of the “Luckenlose” documented history and mileage.

    Although more than 138.000 kilometers a fantastic, pure SL, directly from the first owner, in beautiful condition and elegant color scheme.

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