• Mercedes 280SL W107 - September 1979




    280SL W107


    6cyl 2717cc, 136kw/185hp gasoline, automatic transmission


    76.445 km


    September 1979


    exterior 568 Signalrot, interior Mb Tex/fabric black/pepita



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    Accessories and comments

    Qualitative rare 280SL Roadster from 2nd owner with an original documented mileage of only 76.445. “Gehegt und Gepflegt” by its two owners, ordered new by Frau Schmelmer who had the car in her possession until 2001. The Fahrzeugbrief shows that the SL was unregistered nearly every winter, the explanation for the immaculate condition of the chassis and body and all technical components. Accident and rust free, complete in factory paint (measured with paint thickness gauge, confirmed by Classic data), beautiful pepita interior, undamaged dashboard and wood applications.


    The great complete documentation including the original invoice with a new price of DM 47 182,- -, many service invoices, TÜV reports and maintenance manuals give the following dates and mileages:


    – Km 0 invoice of September 20 1979

    – Km 1.360 maintenance Mercedes

    – Km 6.051 maintenance Mercedes

    – Km 10.975 maintenance Mercedes

    – Km 28.899 maintenance Mercedes

    – Km 46.588 maintenance Mercedes

    – Km 52.420 maintenance Mercedes

    – Km 54.315 maintenance Mercedes

    – Km 55.484 maintenance Mercedes

    – Km 55.700 Purchase Agreement 2nd owner

    – Km 55.709 maintenance Mercedes

    – Km 55.880 TÜV

    – Km 67.284 TÜV

    – Km 68.370 TÜV

    – Km 69.146 TÜV

    – Km 70.048 TÜV

    – Km 70.806 Classic Data

    – Km 71.146 Maintenance service




    Optionally equipped with the following options: Radio / cassette Becker Europa Kurier, right outside mirror, automatic transmission, hard top in body color, front armrest, power windows, sun protection glass all around, alloy wheels. Classic, stylish early model, partly due to the uni-paint in combination with the pepita interior and the absence of the, standard for later models, front spoiler.

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