• Mercedes 300D Lang W123 Automatic - September 1984




    300D Lang W123 Automatic


    5cyl 2998cc, 65kw/88hp diesel, automatic transmission


    24.932 km


    September 1984


    exterior 040 zwart, interior Mb-Tex dark blue



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    Accessories and comments

    A 300D in "Long Version" in an immaculate, new condition, delivered when new by the official dealer Emil Frey in the city of Geneva, Switzerland. Only driven by the driver of the mayor, very securely maintained, which is proven by the exceptional condition. All markings and stamps on the chassis and in the engine compartment are present, floor is in the factory wax even without any pollution or wear. A limousine in a unique state, with a full documented history and mileage of only 24,932 km, which since 2004 was part of a French collection and only used the car for 1,000 kilometers. Recently had a major overhaul and technical audit. All books including maintenance book, Abgas-Wartungsdocument, some test certificates as well as the description and the warranty of in the trunk built tachograph are present. One-time collectors item.

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