• Mercedes 300SL-24V R129 - July 1991




    300SL-24V R129


    6cyl 2960cc, 170kw/231hp gasoline, automatic transmission 5 speed


    60.849 km


    July 1991


    exterior 199 Blauschwarz-metallic, interior 261 Leder Schwarz


    € 34.500,00

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    Accessories and comments

    Herrn Schibli, who lives in Lucerne, Switzerland, ordered his new Sport Light from Mercedes-Benz Automobil AG in Schlieren on 06-April 1991. As the present, original sales agreement shows, it was agreed upon purchase that all plastic parts would be painted in body color. Furthermore, the following extras from the option list were checked:

    261 Leder Schwarz
    425 Getriebe-Automat 5-Gang
    440 Tempomat
    471 A-S-R
    565 Sitze im Fond
    581 Klimatisierungsautomatik
    652 Leichtmetallräder 8-Loch
    682 Feuerlöscher

    New price at the time CHF: 127,720. The fact that Herr Schibli has kept and maintained the Roadster perfectly is not only apparent from the car, but certainly also from the available, almost unseen documentation. From the sales agreement, sales invoice and even the receipt of payment, all maintenance invoices, correspondence between Herr Schibli and Mercedes-Benz, the Swiss “Abgaseheft”, the stamped maintenance book and various other documents are available. In 2018, the SL was exported to Germany where she knew two more enthusiasts who further “hegte und pleghte” the car.

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