• Peugeot 404 Super Luxe - June 1964




    404 Super Luxe


    4cyl 16158cc, 53kw/72hp gasoline, manual transmission 4 speed


    61.513 km


    June 1964


    exterior gris métallisé, interior leather cognac



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    Accessories and comments

    Magnificent 404 with a great look because of its charming patina of the somewhat matt and largely first paint and the delightful factory leather interior. Equipped with nice options like sunroof, fog lights, front and rear armrest and metallic paint. Untouched, unrestored Saloon in an original rust free condition, well maintained technique, never used Michelin sapre tire and beautiful chrome parts. Only a portion of the left rear door, screen and the rear panel (which has been undone from the fog lights installed by the first owner) are not in the factory paint.

    Until 1999 in the possession of the first French owner, imported by the 2nd. owner with a mileage of only 52,000. Now coming from the third owner, an enthousiast who bought the car a few years ago from us with a mileage of 59.574 km. Recently serviced and fitted with new tires and rubbers.

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