• Mini Mini 1.3I Kensington - July 1997




    Mini 1.3I Kensington


    4cyl 1275cc, 39kw/53hp gasoline, manual transmission 5 speed


    25.390 km


    July 1997


    exterior British Racing Green, interior real leather beige



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    Accessories and comments

    Mini Kensington newly delivered by Minor Motor Cars BV Amsterdam in July 1996. Unique “export” series produced for only a few countries, including the Netherlands. The Kensington was equipped with the desirable electric folding roof, leather interior with wood applications, tinted glass, high beam lights and metallic paint. The first owner chose the classic British Racing Green from the 4 available colors.

    Only 25.930 kilometers, completely in factory paint, absolutely rust- and damage free, provided by a tectyl treatment for new on. Owned by the 2nd Owner since February 1998, continuously technically maintained. Perfectly, gapless, and annually documented mileage history displayed and certified by the National Auto Pass.

    Beautiful, original limited-edition example in classic color scheme.

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