• Saab 96 2-deurs Sedan - October 1964




    96 2-deurs Sedan


    3cyl 2-takt 841cc, 29kw/40hp gasoline, manual transmission 4 speed


    12.880 km


    October 1964


    exterior 20631 Glacier Blue, interior fabric and artificial leather blue



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    Accessories and comments

    Magnificent Saab 96 2-door sedan which was newly delivered on October 05, 1964 by Saab dealer Bröderna Peterson in Moholm, Sweden to Mr. Henrik Woldefolt. Real, documented 12.880 kilometers, incredible original and best-preserved condition. Absolutely rust-free which is partly due to the anti-rust treatment applied from new on. Except for a part of the right door and side panel in factory paint. Immaculate interior with flexible rubber floor mats and crystal-clear headliner.

    Technically recently by the last, 3rd. owner maintained and perfectly functioning. In addition to the binder with all to the car belonging booklets, including the maintenance book, the original advertising brochure stamped by Bröderna Peterson, there are numerous period inspection reports available that show the following dates and mileages:

    16.10.1968           7.970 Km
    24.11.1969           8.390 Km
    23.11.1970           8.660 Km
    01.12.1971           8.820 Km
    20.11.1972           9.070 Km
    09.11.1973           9.320 Km
    05.11.1974           9.410 Km
    10.11.1975           9.518 Km
    06.10.1976           9.843 Km
    11.10.1977          10.127 Km
    02.11.1978          10.343 Km
    01.10.1979          10.412 Km
    22.04.1981          11.124 Km
    03.06.2010          11.832 Km
    01.06.2013          12.011 Km
    01.06-2014          12.067 Km
    10.07.2018          12.387 Km

    The Swedish counterpart to icons such as the German Volkswagen Beetle, the English Mini, the French Renault 4 or the Italian Fiat 600. An irreplaceable, incomparable, and very authentic example, a real time capsule.

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