• Volkswagen Polo 1.0 Harlekin - November 1996




    Polo 1.0 Harlekin


    4cyl 999cc, 37kw/44hp gasoline, manual transmission 5 speed


    89.047 km


    November 1996


    exterior 9650 “Harlekin” Pistazie, interior 10 Stoff Schwarz Harlekin


    € 13.500,00

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    Accessories and comments

    Volkswagen Polo Harlekin in excellent condition coming from the first, German owner. Newly delivered in the German city of Gelsenkirchen by VW-Audi dealer Automobile Hans Basdorf to Mr. Klein, who bought the Polo as a gift for his wife. Until the day we purchased the car, it was still and only registered to Mr. Klein. After the passing of Mrs. Klein a few years ago, it has hardly been used.

    Beautiful, unique “Luckenlos” documented history. The quote, purchase agreement, and sales invoice are all in original, as well as the fully stamped maintenance book present. Even the original brochure and price list are part of the documentation. Largely in factory paint, accident- and rust-free. Technically well-maintained, we just replaced the brake hoses and discs, fitted a new exhaust, and mounted new tires.

    The original price at the time, including the factory options listed below, was DM 27.588,38

    001 Satz Fußmatten
    8R1 Dritte Bremsleuchte
    E9Q “Harlekin” Steuerungsschlüssel
    PB3 Glas Schiebedach
    PB6 Auf und Zu (4-Türer)
    PF3 Licht & Sicht
    PJ5 Polo Indianapolis HLM-Räder
    RAA Radio “Alpha”

    Unique appearance, unique condition with a unique history.

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