• Volkswagen T1 11 windows splitbus - March 1967




    T1 11 windows splitbus


    4cyl boxer 1483cc, 32kw/44hp gasoline, manual transmission


    157.642 km


    March 1967



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    Accessories and comments

    This T1 11 windows splitbus is form second owner, in a unique and almost original condition. The second owner bought the bus during his vacation in California in 1996 in an absolute rust-free state. On arrival in Germany he had the exterior repainted. Floor is original and without undercoat or bodyschutz. The inner sides are still in the factory paint, all original decals and nameplates are still present.

    This T1 has a lot of history, as the original purchase order, maintenance bills and in both California and Germany, TUV reports, photographs of the spraying and even the shiping documents. The interior is in good condition, good handling, and proper functioning of the electrical components as well as the heater. All windows can be opened, rear seat can also be moved to the front.

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