• Volkswagen T1 Kombi - February 1959




    T1 Kombi


    4cyl boxer 1192cc, 26kw/36hp gasoline, manual transmission 4 speed


    24.065 km


    February 1959


    exterior 80 Grau, interior 80 Grau



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    Accessories and comments

    One-time opportunity. Unrestored Volkswagen T1 Kombi originally delivered in the Netherlands, from second owner with only 24,065 miles. Unique pristine condition with lovely patina, beautiful original factory paint, only a few minor damages were reworked, unique and beautiful, first interior, primitive camper equipment built in in order of the original owner. Great documented history with original invoices from 1959 from the carpentry that built in the camper equipment, from the Volkswagen dealer who placed the heater, maintenance and instruction booklets, a foto slide with an image of the T1 in the Swiss Alps. The camper kit is easy to disassemble.

    The camper spent his whole life in Haarlem, first owner was a doctors couple which sold the Kombi in 1992 with a mileage of 18,000 to the second owner, who lived in the same street, number 130 and respectively 134. Chassis and body with all factory details, from new conserved. A “split bus” for the specialist or collector who can appreciate and valuate this unique T1 by its originality, irreplaceable, incomparable with restored ones.

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