• Volkswagen T1 Westfalia Campmobile type SO 42 - February 1967




    T1 Westfalia Campmobile type SO 42


    4cyl 1489cc, 32kw/44hp gasoline, manual transmission 4 speed


    120.325 mile


    February 1967


    exterior L87 Pearl white, interior 33 Grey



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    Accessories and comments

    A VW T1 Westfalia with beautiful history and nearly untouched original condition with a beautiful patine. Delivered from the VW Werk AG Hannover to Pon Automobielen Amsterdam, where the Westfalia is handed over to the first Californian owner as a Tourist Delivery. The original Service Card, as well as the Warranty, attests to the European Road Trip from delivery, and displays the following data, dealers and Counterparts:

    27-02-1967 VW Hoogenboom Rotterdam (NL) 369 Km / Mls.

    18-04-1967 Bevam S.A Malaga (ES) 3.081 Km / Mls.

    31-05-1967 VW Boldrin Mirabello (I (6.250 Km / Mls.

    20-07-1967 S.Hogson + Sons Ltd. Lancashire (UK) 10,342 Km / Mls.

    Largely in the factory finish, beautiful condition of bottom and chassis which we have provided with a thorough cleaning and a white, rust-resistant, preservative coating. The Campmobile equipment presents itself in a beautiful, used condition.

    Fully documented story, 18-02-1983 sales agreement between the first and second owners, a comprehensive file with countless invoices from 1983 to present, and the previously mentioned service card are included as well.

    Well-used T1, technically perfect, in the starting blocks for the next adventure.

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