• Volvo Amazon B18 - November 1961




    Amazon B18


    4cyl 1778cc, 55kw/75hp gasoline, manual transmission 4 speed


    23.752 km


    November 1961


    exterior 19 Black, interior 404-192 Light brown with gray/white in middle



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    Accessories and comments

    Sensationally preserved Volvo Amazon in an almost indescribable, perfect condition. Delivered in Sweden on November 18, 1961 to Arne B. Olsson, who lived in Uddevalla, by Volvo dealer Bröd. Brandt Bil AB in Dingle. The kilometers of the first years were recorded meticulously, handwritten in a notebook. Even the compression was measured several times, the test results were stapled at the back of the booklet. On March 14, 1990, the Volvo was sold to an enthusiast, Mr. Lars Andreasson, also living in Uddevalla. The original purchase agreement between Mr Olsson and Mr Andreasson is included in the documentation, the stated mileage of 23.000 is less than 1.000 km lower than the current mileage. The road tax forms in the name of Mr Andreasson extend from May 1992 to September 2012 are present. Now coming from the 3rd. owner, a German collector who managed to acquire the Amazon around 2015.

    Technically recently, fully maintained after a period of hardly being used. The largely original paintwork shows hardly any signs of wear and has lost nothing of its shine. Perfect, rust-free body, fully anti-rust protected from new on. The original interior, freed from the seat covers by the last owner, gives the impression of being completely new. The rubber floor mats, the dashboard, the carpet around the steering column and pedals, the door trims of which the right panel still has the factory plastic, are spotless. All chrome parts and both bumpers are undamaged. Beautifully documented in terms of history, the original warranty certificate and maintenance and instruction book, an extract from the registration register and numerous other documents are present.

    A real time capsule, irreplaceable.

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