• Alfa Romeo 1600 GT Junior Bertone - Juli 1973


    Alfa Romeo


    1600 GT Junior Bertone


    4zyl 1570cc, 80kw/109PS Benzin 5-Gang-Handschaltgetriebe


    47.045 km


    Juli 1973


    Exterieur 501 Rosso, Interieur Grau Stoff



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    Zubehör und Beschreibung

    I bought this GT 1600 Junior about 10 years ago, until then it was used only 37.400 kilometers in and around Rome, in Italy. The 2nd. Dutch owner recently gave me the opportunity to buy her back, I did not doubt of course. Still, except for the complete “nose”, in the factory paint with hardly any signs of use. Perfect and completely original preserved fabric interior to which a modern “retro-style” radio was added. Technically just serviced, gearbox newly sealed, drive shaft balanced and overhauled.

    I have thought about starting the extensive photo report with the photos of the chassis, drivetrain, and floor panels. However, the by Bertone designed model is so incomparably beautiful and stylish that I have stuck with the familiar sequence. I guess you will also think when you see the aforementioned undercarriage pictures, this is too good to be original. The absolutely sensational condition is this however, original. Only cleaned with soap and water and protected by a transparent wax layer. The entire body, including the sills and wheel rims, still shows all original spot welds. Spotless and rust-free trunk compartment with unused spare wheel and complete tool bag.

    Condition wise incomparable with most of the other examples on the market, rare 1600 model. Irreplaceable.

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