• Citroen DS21 Pallas - March 1971




    DS21 Pallas


    4cyl 2175cc, 85kw/115hp gasoline, manual transmission 4 speed


    66.904 km


    March 1971


    exterior AC095 Gris Nacre Metallisé, interior Red fabric



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    Accessories and comments

    Citroën DS21 Pallas from the first lady owner in an exceptional and far-reaching original condition. According to the existing certificate of conformity, produced in July 1970. Newly delivered via the Lancia and Citroën dealer-importer Francesco Paolo Calculli, at the time very well known in Matera (I). A true pioneer in the Automotive sector in the 1960s and 1970s. Newly ordered on February 22, 1971 by Seniora Vivetta Burlicchi, born in 1912 in Livorno, living in Treviso. Delivered and registered on March 01, 1971. Seniora Burlicchi moved back to her hometown of Livorno on November 29, 1976, the DS was from then on provided with number plate LI 228159. At the end of 1984, to be precise on December 22, 1984, the Pallas has been definitively deregistered by the family and deleted from the Italian vehicle register. In this way, the DS could remain in family ownership without having to pay insurance or road tax. The existing insurance document show that the car was last used in 1980.

    Recently purchased by us from an Italian collector and DS specialist who bought the DS in 1985 from the family of the now deceased Seniora Burlicchi but he never registered nor used the car. The Italian registration is therefore still registered in the name of the first owner. The condition of the car was unique and perfect except for the paint and technique. The paintwork had several damages all around, was resprayed here and there, but just like the chassis in an unseen rust free and above all untouched condition. Initially thought not to replace the patinated paintwork, but later decided to give the DS its stylish glory back. All sheet metal parts as well as the roof were disassembled, sanded to bare metal (only on the outside) and repainted to a very high quality. No repairs or paint work were carried out on the chassis, which was only cleaned. The insides of doors, trunk lid, hood, front, and rear fenders were also only cleaned. As our very extensive photo report with 572 photos shows (a must-see for connoisseurs and specialists), all parts, including the entire chassis, were in a remarkable, one would almost say one-off condition. Bolts, screws, clamps, brackets, chassis and undercarriage absolutely free from any form of oxidation. All parts are still richly provided with factory-applied stamps, numbers and part stickers.

    The red cloth interior including carpets is also completely original, only the headliner was replaced. We just had it technically fully prepared by a Dutch DS/ID specialist. We can provide service invoices with a combined amount of more than € 8.000, –.

    A fantastic DS21 Pallas from the first owner in the higher price range.

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