• Jaguar XJ6 4.2 L Serie II - September 1977




    XJ6 4.2 L Serie II


    6zyl 4235cc, 124kw/169PS Benzin, Automatikgetriebe


    120.709 km


    September 1977


    Exterieur Greensand, Interieur Leer cinnamon



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    Zubehör und Beschreibung

    In September 1977 in Switzerland newly delivered Jaguar XJ6 4.2 Long Wheel Base. Brilliant body condition, chassis and bottom cleaned and sealed by a clear coating. At purchase, this rust- and damage-free XJ was largely in the factory paint. Due to some minor paint damages and a few parts with color difference professionally provided with a new paint on bare metal body parts (photo file on demand).

    We have just invested A considerable amount in the reliability of the car, below a brief summary of the work carried out:

    – Motor overhauled, pistons and bearings replaced, overhauled cylinder head.

    – Replaced steering box.

    – Compressor and condenser of the air-conditioning renewed.

    – Brake system completely overhauled.

    – Both gasoline- tanks and pumps replaced, carburetors overhauled.

    – Automatic transmission newly sealed.

    – Front and rear axle provided with new rubbers and bearings, new shock absorbers all around.

    – Radiator, water pump and expansion vessel renewed.

    Leather interior in charmingly patinated condition, replaced the headliner, wood applications of the dashboard restored, Becker radio. Near perfect chrome parts, bumpers including rosettes, handle of the trunk lid re-chromed.

    Chic, stylish limousine, in periodic color scheme. Currently enjoying the car myself so the reported mileage will increase.

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