• Jaguar XK 140 3.4 Litre FHC (Coupé) - Februar 1956




    XK 140 3.4 Litre FHC (Coupé)


    6zyl 3442cc, 140kw/120PS Benzin 4-Gang-Handschaltgetriebe


    100.025 km


    Februar 1956


    Exterieur Pastel Blue, Interieur Echtleder English Red



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    Zubehör und Beschreibung

    Beautiful, very authentic and above all never restored Jaguar XK 140 FHC. Chassis and body in unaffected condition, professionally cleaned, bodyschutz and tectyl removed and now completely sealed by a transparent coating. All original spot welding’s and seams visibly present, nice door fittings, engine and trunk lid. Engine- and trunk compartment still in the first paint. Mostly original interior with beautiful patina, unrefurbished wood applications.

    Sealing, rear carpets, rear benches, front and rear side panels original, leather of the front seats, the front carpets replaced in the past. Paint, based on full bare metal parts, renewed, an extensive photo shoot on request. Nice, original chrome parts with charming patina. Perfect handling, will be delivered with a comprehensive service. Beautiful XK140 Coupe in beautiful color combination highly distinctive because of the high degree of originality.

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