• Mercedes 190E W201 Automaat - Februar 1986




    190E W201 Automaat


    4zyl 1977cc, 87kw/118PS Benzin, Automatikgetriebe


    65.302 km


    Februar 1986


    Exterieur 147 Arktikweiss, Interieur 072 stof Blau



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    Zubehör und Beschreibung

    Family-owned Mercedes 190E Automatic, newly delivered and spent its life in Düsseldorf, Germany. Bought from Daimler-Benz AG Niederlassung Düsseldorf by the owner of a construction company for his wife (born in 1931). Deregistered in 2008 and transferred to the grandson who had the 190 made operational again in 2016 and used it regularly. Beautifully documented history, a binder full with maintenance invoices and inspection certificates, but also the maintenance book, the original Fahrzeugbrief and the Data-Karte are present. The following data with associated odometer readings can be drawn from the available documentation:

    03.04.1986            1.516Km
    20.09-1988          11.542km
    12.05.1992          18.500km
    17.02.1994          19.992Km
    12.06.1997          21.629Km
    14.04.1999          22.387km
    30.04.2001          23.405Km
    29.04.2003          28.247Km
    01.09.2005          33.286Km
    07.12.2005          33.867Km
    22.09.2006          35.048Km
    02.04.2007          40.369Km
    27.02.2008          48.125Km
    10.03.2008          48.415Km
    11.03.2016          49.562Km
    19.04.2016          51.382Km
    02.02.2018          56.237Km
    19.11.2018          58.416Km
    27.03.2020          60.919Km
    28.08.2020          62.841Km
    13.05.2022          65.132Km

    Accident- and rust free, stainless engine compartment, the entire chassis free of oxidation, as you can clearly see again in our extensive photo report. Beautifully preserved interior, intact door panels and dashboard. Tool bag complete, spare wheel unused and still provided with the installation instructions card. When we recently bought the car, it was clearly visible that the middle part of the right front door, due to a scratch, was once (in grandmother’s time, according to the grandson) badly repainted. Furthermore, the wheel arch on the right rear fender had a minor parking damage, the reason why we only repainted the center section of the right side. All other parts are still in the factory paint and show hardly any signs of use. Optionally, the following options were ordered from the factory:

    254 Radio Becker Europa Kurier Cassette
    260 Wegfall Typenkennzeichen auf Heckdeckel
    280 Lederlenkrad und Lederschalthebel
    410 Schiebedach electric
    420 Automatic Getriebe
    466 Zentralverriegelung
    470 Anti-blocking system (ABS)
    531 Antenna automatic
    591 Wärmedämmendes Glass rundum
    620 Abgas cleaning sanlage (Cat)
    640 Leichtmetall-Scheibenräder 5fach

    A beautiful original example in classic color combination with fully known and documented history.

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