• Mercedes 230S W111 “Heckflosse” - April 1966




    230S W111 “Heckflosse”


    6zyl 2300cc, 88kw/120PS Benzin 4-Gang-Handschaltgetriebe


    17.402 km


    April 1966


    Exterieur 190 Graphitgrau, Interieur MB-Tex rood



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    Zubehör und Beschreibung

    A rare Mercedes 230S “Heckflosse” in impeccable condition. One of the few limousines, only assembled in the spring and summer of 1966 at the Belgian I.M.A assembly factory in Mechelen. Information about the number of sedans assembled at I.M.A, mainly known for the production of the Universal models, is unknown to me and I have not been able to research so far. Our example, with only 17.402 kilometers on the clock, was newly delivered in Belgium, found its way to the Netherlands in September 2006 with approximately 9.000 km at the time and was pampered by two Dutch collectors. Unfortunately, no further information about the history is known, nor are there any documents or booklets available.

    The fully MB-Tex interior can be called immaculate. The condition of the original rubber floor and sill coverings is unique, they are absolutely not dried out or damaged and are even still flexible. The paintwork has been partly renewed very thinly, nowhere thick values have been measured that indicate damage repair or filler. The trunk also convinces, rust-free with the original rubber mat that has not dried out either, the original spare wheel and tool kit. Chassis and floor panels, cleaned and provided with a clear wax, are also in excellent condition. Under the hood, all building parts reflect originality and authenticity. The factory-applied coating to the chassis and floors is visibly different from the German models. The minimum thickness, but also the structure and the material used, immediately catch the eye of connoisseurs. According to our information, at the request of the first owner, the Mercedes-Benz dealer fitted the 230 with the standard chrome parts for the 300SE before delivery. Technically again and again maintained, we just performed a major service and fitted new classic Michelins in the correct size.

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