• Mercedes 280SLC R107 - Oktober 1979




    280SLC R107


    6zyl 2717cc, 136kw/185PS Benzin, Automatikgetriebe


    51.355 km


    Oktober 1979


    Exterieur 482 Apricotorange, Interieur 031 MB-Tex/Stoff Schwarz



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    Zubehör und Beschreibung

    A fantastic Mercedes 280SLC in sensational and very rare color Apricotorange. Newly delivered in Germany, according to the present Fahrzeugbrief the Coupe had 3 former German owners, sold by us in 2022 to the 4th owner. A clearly visible by enthusiasts “Gehegt und Geplegt” example. Undercarriage and chassis protected against rust by a transparent wax layer. Paintwork, largely renewed on the outside in the past, without significant signs of use or damages, immaculate interior. Optional, very poorly equipped and delivered according to the Data Karte with the only following factory options:

    257 Radio Becker Europa
    410 Schiebedach elektrisch
    420 Automatisches Getriebe
    466 Zentralverrieglung
    531 Antenne Automatisch

    The Fuchs alloy wheels were fitted by the 2nd. Owner, we mounted new Michelin Classics tires in size 205/40X14. The available documentation and the maintenance book show the following dates and kilometers:

    04.12.1979               670 Km
    23.06.1982            4.585 Km
    28.04.1987          14.968 Km
    28.09.1982          18.496 Km
    31.03.1993          22.500 Km
    18.11.1993          27.650 Km
    23.05.1994          31.600 Km
    09.11.1994          36.523 Km
    28.02.1995          37.100 Km
    18.04.1996          40.587 Km
    13.10.2003          42.279 Km
    24.02.2005          44.336 Km
    13.02.2009          46.782 Km
    01.03.2011          46.974 Km
    07.03.2011          47.025 Km
    24.05.2016          50.634 Km
    22.01.2022          50.677 Km

    From these documents we were able to conclude that the SLC was repeatedly logged out for a longer period, which explains the low mileage.

    Unique and beautifully documented example with an original mileage of only 50.697km.

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