• Peugeot 404 Super Luxe Berline - Februar 1968




    404 Super Luxe Berline


    4zyl 16158cc, 54kw/74PS Benzin 4-Gang-Handschaltgetriebe


    59.896 km


    Februar 1968


    Exterieur BK1158 Blue-Gris Met., Interieur Leer Schwartz



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    Zubehör und Beschreibung

    Elegant Peugeot 404 Super Luxe delivered by garage Barbier in Vienne (F) from the 2nd. owner with an original mileage of only 59.896. In 1989, after the death of the first owner, bought by the neighbor who used the 404 during the years of ownership around 4.000 Kilometers only. Super Luxe stood for real leather interior, manual sunroof, multiple chrome details such as the headlight trims and by our example metallic paint and Philips radio.

    Purchased in completely factory paint, unfortunately both sides, under the chrome trim had some damages. We dented out the parking damages and repainted the lower parts off both sides in the correct color, together with the bonnet (which had a scratch). Of course, we have documented the damages and work with an photo report. Beautiful smooth leather interior, undamaged dashboard. Unlike the carpets on the inner rockers and drivetrain tunnel, the by floor mats covered foot carpets are without wear or stains.

    Fitted with correct Michelin tires, brake system and head gasket refurbished / replaced a few years ago in France. All around provided with new door rubbers and trunk lid rubber, near perfect chrome parts, and almost undamaged stainless-steel bumpers.

    Great rust-free and never restored example in magnificent color scheme and most beautiful version.

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