• Range Rover V8 3500 - Juni 1982


    Range Rover


    V8 3500


    8zyl 3528cc, 97kw/130PS Benzin 4-Gang-Handschaltgetriebe


    48.987 km


    Juni 1982


    Exterieur Venetian Red, Interieur Bronze nylon velour brushed



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    Zubehör und Beschreibung

    A beautiful, original Range Rover V8 from the second production year of the 5-door version. Newly delivered in Turin (I) to Sr. Pietro Righetti, a Notary who used the car in the summer to travel to his country house. Sold in 2007 by Torino Auto S.p.A to the second owner, Sr. Marabini the then president of the Italian historical Range Rover registry. The Range Rover was hardly used by Sr. Marabini and then on November 12, 2009 sold to a collector Sr. Bergamini. It was only the first owner who actually used the Range Rover.

    Now, almost 40 years old, our example with an original mileage of only 48.987Km, is still in an exceptional, almost perfect condition. Both the largely original paint and the interior hardly show any signs of use. A story and photo report have already been devoted to this car twice in 2 different, leading Italian classic car magazines. Nicely documented, known and demonstrable history. Manual transmission, with air conditioning, rear seat belts and alloy wheels.

    Beautiful example in a typical 80s color scheme.

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