• Renault-Alpine GTA V6 Turbo - November 1986




    GTA V6 Turbo


    6zyl 27019 2458cc, 147kw/200PS Turbo Benzin 5-Gang-Handschaltgetriebe


    27.019 km


    November 1986


    Exterieur Rouge, Interieur Stoff Grau



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    Zubehör und Beschreibung

    Beautiful Alpine V6 GTA Turbo which was newly delivered to the Italian nightclub / disco owner Sr. L. Romano in Forio on the island of Ischia near Naples. Due to the discontinuation of the disco activities, the Libretto was registered to Sr. in 2005 on Sr. G. Romano, his son. In the period from mid-2005 to February 2017, the Alpine was parked at a garage of an Off. Renault dealer, then registered in the name of Mrs. Zara for about 4 months before the Turbo found its way back home to the France where we recently bought the car.

    In the French period extensively maintained by the owner himself, a professional car mechanic. Because of declaration by the sun, a high quality repaint has been performed, of course in the original color. The beautiful interior, in which the original installed Philips stereo system immediately catches the eye, is in an almost impeccable condition. The chassis and the engine compartment clearly shows that this Alpine has benefited from the southern climate, all technical components do not show any form of oxidation.

    The Alpine designed by Robert Opron, the Porsche killer of Renault, gave “acte de présense” for the first time at the Amsterdam AutoRai in 1985. The steering and handling characteristics, the sprint from 0-100 in just 7 seconds, the top speed 250Km / h, the income of the Turbo gives the Alpine the eighties “supercar” feeling, because with a price tag of just under a Fl. 100.000, –, he was absolutely allowed to join.

    One of 3rd. owner Alpine in the “must have” Turbo version with a mileage of just 27.000.

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