• Alfa Romeo Sud Sprint Veloce 1.3 - März 1981


    Alfa Romeo


    Sud Sprint Veloce 1.3


    4zyl 135cc, 63kw/86PS Benzin 5-Gang-Handschaltgetriebe


    61.255 km


    März 1981


    Exterieur AR847 Marrone Testa Di Moro, Interieur Stof Camel



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    Zubehör und Beschreibung

    A rust-free Alfa Romeo Sud, also known as a Sprint Veloce, is generally thought as impossible. We were able to rediscover this pin in the haystack, it seems to be possible once every 5 years.

    1.3 Veloce from first Italian owner in beautiful color scheme Marrone Testa Di Moro with a Camel colored fabric interior which is in a fantastic condition. Excellent undamaged dashboard without radio, stainless door panels without retrofitted speakers which was common in that time. Partly original paintwork, some parts in the past due to minor paint damage newly sprayed, very low paint thickness values. Chassis and floor panels conditionally in incomparable condition, the detailed photo reportage of the underside and wheel arches speak for themselves.

    Delivered new in Latina located under Rome by concessionario Universalcar S.R.L to Seniore La Porta from Sermoneta. Folder with the original books including the partially stamped maintenance book, original sales prospect and the Italian Libretto present.

    An absolutely irreplaceable, incomparable Coupe from the first owner.

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