• Mercedes 190Dc W110 Binz Kombi “Heckflosse” - September 1964




    190Dc W110 Binz Kombi “Heckflosse”


    4zyl 1988cc, 40kw/54PS Diesel 4-Gang-Handschaltgetriebe


    57.327 mile


    September 1964


    Exterieur Zilver metallic, Interieur Grau Kunst Leder



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    Zubehör und Beschreibung

    Very rare Mercedes “Hechflosse” Kombi by Binz Karosserie in Loch-Württemberg Germany. A highly original unrestored example which was newly delivered in the USA. The paintwork was partly renewed in various places over the years, some minor body repairs under both front fenders were carried out. Color differences, paint damages, spots that have been polished thru are clearly visible and present all around. However, one could say that at least 70% of the paintwork is still original. The chassis and undercarriage will be fully cleaned by means of ice blasting and provided with a clear coating. Photos to follow.

    The condition of the imitation leather interior is remarkable, very intact, some traces of use and discoloration can be noticed. The headlining also presents itself in a particularly beautiful condition. The rubber floor mats, and sill covers are largely intact but brittle. Technically good, fully maintained, with a number of wear parts, including the shock absorbers all around and on the undercarriage a part of rubbers and bushings are replaced. All brake calipers were visibly renewed recently, both clutch cylinders and the master brake cylinder have been replaced, new 185×15 Michelin Classic tires have been fitted. The spare wheel is original and unused.

    Little is known about the history, only the original US title and a part invoice dating from 1966 are present.
    Chassis number: 11010110123506
    Binz Body No. 2154

    A beautiful name for the Binz would be 50-Shades of silver-metallic. The combination of the matte and the above described paint condition above gives the “Heckflosse” a very charming and periodic look in my opinion.

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