• Toyota Cressida 2.0 - Juli 1977




    Cressida 2.0


    4zyl 1968cc, 66kw/90PS Benzin 4-Gang-Handschaltgetriebe


    21.401 km


    Juli 1977


    Exterieur 528 Yellow, Interieur Schwartz Stoff



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    Zubehör und Beschreibung

    When was the last time you saw one? My father sold them new at the time, my parents drove a dark brown one themselves. Comfortable and Elegant was the advertising slogan with which Toyota presented the Cressida in their brochure. A true limousine, hard to find and certainly not in this condition. Nevertheless, we succeeded again: to find an undamaged, low-mileage example that meets our criteria.

    Newly delivered by Toyota Vertragshändler Gunter Böckenkamp to the until today only registered owner Herr Gunter Böckenkamp himself. As the original mileage shows, the Cressida was only sporadically used and was displayed for years in its own showroom. Bought 18 years ago by an enthusiast, a good relation of Herr Böckenkamp, and garaged stored since, not registered by name. The left rear door with a small part of the wheel arch, the right front fender was repaired and repainted after a suspected parking damage. All other parts are still in original factory paint, showing hardly any signs of use or damages. The interior also reflects the low mileage and is in “stainless” condition. From new on visibility treated with a Dinol anti-rust protection. Rust free, never restored.

    Another rare 70s Japanese classic in our collection. In terms of design, likewise the recently sold Toyota Celica Liftback and Mazda 121 Landau Coupé, clearly based on American models.


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