• Volkswagen LT28 “Pritsche” - Juli 1980




    LT28 “Pritsche”


    4zyl 1960cc, 55kw/75PS Benzin 4-Gang-Handschaltgetriebe


    4.255 km


    Juli 1980


    Exterieur LH5G Mediumblau, Interieur Kunst Leder Braun



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    Zubehör und Beschreibung

    Another unique find, this completely original VW LT28 in as good as new condition from the first German owner with an original mileage of only 4.255 Km. Newly delivered by Autohaus Feicht GmbH to Herr Schoefberger, a carpenter from Munich, Germany. Hardly used, unregistered since February 1996.

    Without exception in the factory paint, no damages to the paintwork of the cabin, loading floor appears to have been used sporadically, only minimal paint damage on the edge of the loading floor and a small dent in the bulkhead against the rear wall. For those who are bothered by it, we can easily repair these paint damages. Still fitted with the first tires, chassis and undercarriage still in the original wax. As good as new interior with room for 3 people. The “pritsche” gives the impression as if it rolled out at the factory yesterday.

    Unique, probably the only example in this “new” condition available worldwide.

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